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The official blurb is on the 'About' page, but I'm a father of two, soon to be three, and I want to see the physical world in which we live preserved and protected for my kids to see and experience. That is why renewable energy is my business and a passion. .

Which is the best renewable technology?……

Without doubt this is one of the questions I get asked most often, whether it is from a potential customer, friends or conversations I have day to day in business. That or ‘Which is the most cost effective renewable technology?’ … Continue reading

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How to fund energy efficiency projects – Seminar

How to fund energy efficiency projects With energy costs rising at twice the rate of inflation….As a business in any sector this seriously affects your bottom line. The more energy intense your business, the more it will be affected. This … Continue reading

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Funding energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

At times it may seem like a catch 22. You want to reduce your energy costs, you know there are plenty of ways to save and make money from renewable technologies and other energy efficiency products, but you have no … Continue reading

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It’s fair to say I love my job, and I love the industry I’m in. As much as the majority of systems that we are installing presently are solar PV and Biomass boilers, I particularly love our wind turbine projects. … Continue reading

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Maggie Thatcher, Milk Snatcher and Climate Change Activist!

There is blanket coverage this week about Margaret Thatcher wherever you look. The papers, TV news, Radio, Twitter, Linked In and just about anywhere you care to imagine. Perhaps rightly so, love her or hate her she made an indelible … Continue reading

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Get the Tax Man to pay for some of your Renewables Project!

Yes it’s true, if you are a business you can get the tax man to pay for about 20% of your renewable energy project! What do you mean you don’t believe me? Like our friends here, we all like to … Continue reading

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Calling all wind objectors…..I just don’t get it!

I’m looking for a conversation, not a fight! I really am baffled by the kind of planning objections we have to deal with in the small/medium wind sector. There are hundreds of turbines in the 5kw to 20kw range stuck … Continue reading

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