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Maggie Thatcher, Milk Snatcher and Climate Change Activist!

There is blanket coverage this week about Margaret Thatcher wherever you look. The papers, TV news, Radio, Twitter, Linked In and just about anywhere you care to imagine. Perhaps rightly so, love her or hate her she made an indelible … Continue reading

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Get the Tax Man to pay for some of your Renewables Project!

Yes it’s true, if you are a business you can get the tax man to pay for about 20% of your renewable energy project! What do you mean you don’t believe me? Like our friends here, we all like to … Continue reading

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Calling all wind objectors…..I just don’t get it!

I’m looking for a conversation, not a fight! I really am baffled by the kind of planning objections we have to deal with in the small/medium wind sector. There are hundreds of turbines in the 5kw to 20kw range stuck … Continue reading

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Energy Matters, more than ever

With the big energy companies announcing another swathe of price rises, it is no surprise that combating their ever mounting gas and electricity bills is now the biggest issue for the┬ámajority of businesses. According to the results of the Business … Continue reading

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Award-winning British microgeneration specialist, Renewable Solutions UK Ltd, has announced the appointment of David Hunt as head of its recently launched commercial energy division. A highly experienced microgeneration professional, David is Vice Chair of Onsite Renewables for the Renewable Energy … Continue reading

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